Moss Killer Products to Treat Moss

You do not need to apply an expensive  roof coating or sealant to prevent roof moss growth. Try one of my suggested moss killer products listed below.

Over the last 10 years I have used several different moss killers in an attempt to rid this growth from my patio at home and also from the roof tiles of my customers.

Below is a compact list of 3 products I am happy to recommend. These moss killing chemicals can all be purchased online but please read the label and follow the health and safety instructions, please do not use these products when rain is imminent.

If you are using them to kill moss on a roof, do ensure that any excess moss has first been scraped off, otherwise the dead moss will block gutters for the next few months as it gets washed down the roof.

My Favorite Moss Killers

For best results, apply with a small sprayer such as this, or for a large area try a backpack sprayer like this product. You can also use a watering can with a fine head/filter for small patios and driveways etc.

1) Patio Magic Moss and Mould Treatment

Moss killer product by Patio Magic

Buy This Product Here

Patio Magic comes in 5ltr or smaller 2.5ltr bottles and is dilutable to a rate of 4 parts water to one part chemical. There is no need to scrub this moss treatment product into the surface, just wait for a dry day and spray onto the surface and allow to dry.

I have used this product on both patios and concrete roof tiles and while it does need to be applied liberally, the results have been fantastic.

Please don’t be confused by the product name, this is a moss killer and it won’t clean dirt from a patio but will treat moss, mould and algae on any hard surface.

Allow a few weeks from application before you see results.

2) Ashland Mossaway

Buy Ashland Mossaway Here

Buy This Product Here

Also available from online retailers such as Amazon is the Ashland Mossaway product. This moss killing chemical can be diluted to 9 parts water to one part product so is more suited to medium sized areas such as a double driveway and patio.

Like the previous product on my list Ashland’s Mossaway won’t clog up a watering can or sprayer. Just dilute and treat the affected area. For best results on a roof, first scrape off any excess moss. For patios and driveways where moss growth is often lighter, just apply at the suggested rate. For heaver growth re-apply after one month.

For areas where there is standing water (such as a patio/driveway) you will need to apply this product yearly. For areas where water drains away quickly (such as roofs) the moss should not regrow for around two years, so re-apply after 2-3 years before any significant regrowth has occurred.

3) MossGo Moss Killer

Buy MossGo - a Strong Moss Killer

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MossGo is often used by professionals for the treatment of large areas from roofs to car parks and tennis courts.

Like the other products I have suggested, this one should be applied by a sprayer or for a small area a watering can would suffice.

Available in several quantities, including 1ltr, 2.5ltr, 5ltr and 10ltr. This product is also available in two different strengths, the professional version can be diluted 50-1 (that’s 50 parts water to 1 part chemical)

As with all products and especially high strength chemicals, do a patch test first and observe for any adverse reactions during the following 7 days.

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