Advice to Consumers

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Is it Safe to Pressure Wash a Roof?

This is a common question, can using a high-powered pressure washer damage the roof tiles? We have an entire page dedicated to answering the most common questions.

How to Clean a Roof Without Pressure Washing

It is possible to remove moss, lichen and grime without using pressure washers at all. Find out what many roof companies don’t want you to know here.

Do Concrete Tiles Need to be Periodically “Re-Sealed”?

Find out how long your roof tiles should last and what roof tile manufacturers think about roof coatings.

Court Cases and Convictions

There have been two recent convictions involving roof coating scammers. The first involved over 5o0 victims and netted the scammers over £2.4milliion. The second involved a salesperson pleading guilty.

In the Press

Read press articles, announcements from Trading Standards, advice from manufacturers and much much more.